FirmaChain’s FCT, Listing On Bithumb Korea

Bithumb Korea, one of the top global cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, announced the listing of FirmaChain’s FCT (FirmaChain Token) on the 7th of November.

“Our goal is to continuously seek solid cryptocurrency exchanges where we can list FCT and fulfill our fiduciary duty to our investors. Moreover, we will further develop our electronic contract solution Stabledocs., to satisfy the needs of our customers and to enhance the value of FCT within the blockchain industry,” said FirmaChain official.

FCT, which can be used within the blockchain-based electronic contract solution Stabledocs., was first listed on Bithumb Global cryptocurrency exchange on the 9th of October. All contracts closed on the Stabledocs platform are issued a unique identifier which is then registered on the blockchain. Therefore, if a closed contract tampers later on in any way, a new unique identifier will be issued thereby allowing the parties to easily detect the validity of the contract by comparing the value of the respective unique identifiers.

Lately, Bithumb Korea is seen adopting measures for enhancing the transparency of its cryptocurrency trading platform. As part of this measure, Bithumb Korea has been successful in creating a listing advisory board that constitutes of lawyers, professors and other experts in the IT, legal and fintech industry, to participate in the selection, due diligence, and review of potential listees. Also, additional measures are been taken to ensure the safety of the investors in the near future.

FirmaChain’s successful listing of FCT on the Bithumb Global and the Bithumb Korea cryptocurrency exchange is drawing the attention of cryptocurrency investors worldwide on FirmaChain’s next steps.

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