Cudy Singapore- An EdTech Startup Providing Best In Class Education Solutions

Cudy Singapore

Cudy Singapore is an online learning platform that provides students instant and direct access to quality education by leveraging innovative technological solutions. The students can connect with quality faculty in real-time through virtual classroom experience.

Cudy Singapore was founded in 2017 with an idea of re-inventing tuition classes in Singapore. The company was founded by undergraduate students, Alexander Lim, and Sean Lam, who are Singapore Management University students. During the junior college days, Alexander found it difficult to search and connect to a suitable tutor and had to spend a big chunk of his time in traveling between multiple tuition centers in Singapore, and this was the reason why Cudy was conceptualized.

Cudy Singapore

Alexander Lim is studying in the School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University. However, he has decided to put his undergraduate education on hold for Cudy. After his, A level examination in 2015 got attached with Pricewaterhouse Cooper Singapore’s Human Resource Department. Besides that, in the year2016, he has been Deputy Manpower Officer of an active battalion in the Singapore Armed Forces

Making Education More Accessible

Cudy aims to provide a hassle-free platform to the students and teachers by offering them a conducive online classroom for conducting classes. Cudy Singapore focusses on general education especially STEM and languages in the secondary and post-secondary levels.

Cudy Singapore

The students can master a subject by real-time online learning via live-streaming from passionate teachers who are committed to providing the best learning experience to all the students. The students get easy access to education as they can connect anytime with the tutors, all they need to have is an internet connection and a PC/laptop/tablet. 

Win-Win For Both Students And Educators

Cudy Singapore has provided a platform where individual freelance tutors can scale their teaching business. Educators can connect to multiple students from a single location and can get real-time feedback. The students, on the other hand, save both on traveling time and money. Cudy Singapore helps students to gain the most from value learning without putting a big dent in their parent’s pocket. Moreover, students can choose a preferred timing and location for tuition.

The Road Map Of Cudy Singapore

Cudy Singapore has recently announced that they have received a “six-figure” seed funding round from undisclosed strategic investors. These funds will be utilized by the company to launch new services, support go-to-market initiatives, and to develop their backend technologies.

To know more about Cudy, get in touch with the team today!

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