Cambodian Innovative Platform- SALA And GoGames

Cambodian Innovative Platform

Cambodian Innovative Platform SALA is an online content that helps in managing student data, HR and billing, payment and school administration. It was built to make it a better administration of school activities through structured events, scheduled curriculums, manage interactive parent-teacher associations along with smart attendance, grading, timetable, and facilities management.

Managing Schools Made Easier With Cambodian Innovative Platform SALA

Empowering education with mobile technology, the Cambodian Innovative Platform SALA was founded by Sok Leap and has made the platform achieve around 2000 members currently. This platform of school management system was built to allow the scaling in educational institutions and tackle impending administration problems. By this admin cost can be lowered, paperless administration can be handled easily by the tools offered. The entire enrolment process in a school management system can be easily streamlined with them easily.

Cambodian Innovative Platform

World Of Games In A Smartphone – GoGames

GoGames is a Cambodian Online Platform for mobile gaming. It has 400+ curated games for Android smartphone with a decent subscription club fee. The users get access to unlimited gaming content right to their smartphones with games. There are no ads interface making it more convenient. Unlike other play stations, there are no in-app purchases also.

Cambodian Innovative Platform

The company games were launched in the year 2017, with a vision to bring it out as the Netflix of games. The company wishes to pour in more games in every genre so that users can enjoy them. There are several mobile gaming platforms available, but this one is special as it doesn’t have interruptions in the form of ads or in-app purchases allowing users to enjoy the full version.

The Road Map

To scale their networks and widen their establishment, SALA received funding from Smart Axiata Digital innovation fund. With this, the company is planning on developing full suite features for the growing needs of clients and their demands. The Cambodian Innovative Platform GoGames was founded by Taro Araya who is happy that the games are a hit in the market with currently around 650,000 users, possibly achieved through the numerous mobile telecoms partnership gained through the period.

Cambodian Innovative Platform

The company received funding from smart Axiata digital innovation fund, which will be used effectively in the aggressive growth and expansion of the platform. The games app is currently restricted to countries like Cambodia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. With the funding, the company wishes to expand the gaming platform to the Philippines, India, and Vietnam.

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Image Source-Cambodian Innovative Online Platform SALA and GOGames Official Website.

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