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beSUCCESS Media Group supports “beGLOBAL Founders Club Members” as preferred partners for their global success!

We Connect Companies and Qualified Investors internationally. Such as family offices, high net worth individuals, angel investors, venture capital and private equity funds, institutional and other qualified investors.

About beSUCCESS Media Group: Coupang, Woowa Brothers and Toss, all three companies have something more in common than their billionaire status. They were a part of beSUCCESS Media Group’s startup conference beGLOBAL Conference. beSUCCESS, the tech startup media hosted one of the biggest startup conferences called beGLOBAL. The conference was organized with the objective to showcase promising startups from South Korea at a global stage. beSUCCESS’ expertise in Korea’s startup community, international media, and investor network have given promising startups an opportunity to become the next unicorn.

beSUCCESS Media Group not only provides direct and indirect information to expand the insights of domestic start-ups such as tech trends, startup news, and entrepreneurship around the world (including Silicon Valley), but also introduces Asia’s startup ecosystem and news in English to the rest of the world to support the global success of Asian startup ecosystem. The company also runs and, the English news site about Korean and Asian startups for global readers. Additionally, beSUCCESS Media Group recently launched the news aggregations site called to bring more value to the Korean readers.

In the past 9 years, beSUCCESS Media Group has worked with more than 10,000 entrepreneurs in Asia to face the challenges and problems in the journey of entrepreneurship. We understand and are strongly connected with the venture capital circle. Through the community, we can help entrepreneurs connect with the right investors and founders to achieve efficient resource docking. The aggregation of knowledge, the high level of mutual trust in business, and the opening of a black box for the industry make entrepreneurship easier.

beSUCCESS’ latest venture: beGLOBAL Founders Club
About beGLOBAL Founders Club: 

beGLOBAL Founders Club 2020  is an elite group consisting of revolutionary startups around the globe working in the tech industry who are hand-picked by our team of experts and mentored to make it big. These are the companies working on cutting edge products and solutions using technology which can solve some of the biggest problems faced by mankind.

At beSUCCESS Media Group, it has always been our mission to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration needed to become the company that thrives internationally. With the beGLOBAL Founders Club, we are rolling up our sleeves and actually making it happen in real-time.

If you’re an entrepreneur, an innovator, or a startup founder, here’s your chance to join a unique and exclusive program specially curated to help you succeed. beGLOBAL Founders Club is a private membership club for founders designed to provide members with international fund-raising support and business development opportunities for one year. In addition, Founders Club boasts of like-minded people from different industries, helping to facilitate networking opportunities, connections, and much more. Get mentored by some of the most well-known VC’s from around the globe with the goal to secure much-needed funding. Your success defines our success and we tirelessly work with our members to help them achieve their goals internationally. 

Success Stories from our initiative support
Global Brain VC invested in Korean Moblie analytic company, 5Rocks (2013) ➔ Acquired by Tapjoy (2014)
Strong Ventures invested in Korean bitcoin exchange, Korbit (2014) ➔ Acquired by Nexon (2017)
500 Startups invested in Mykoon (2014) ➔ Mykoon pivoted the product into the internet-radio service Spoon Radio and has raised a $17m funding round (2018)
Bluepoint Partners invested in subscription service providing dog product,  Bacon Box (2018)
Silicon Valley angel investor invested in visual collaboration service, Beecanvas (2019)
Sparklabs invested in IoT radar technology, Bitsensing (2019)
Sparklabs Ventures, TBT and Bon Angels invested in Taxi ride-sharing service, Banban Taxi (2019)
The published article from KoreaTechDesk about Korean art-blockchain project ARTBLOC has been successfully spread out around the globe. Over 20 international publications wrote about ARTBLOC and over 300 times twitter mentions (2019)
What to expect from beGLOBAL Founders Club
Grow Your Network – From a large pool of mentors, find your top 3-5 mentors who will be committed to helping you with product development, market fit, and will also provide valuable introductions to help quickly grow your company.
Gain Traction – Go deeper with your lead mentors, work with your Managing Director, gain traction and hit your milestones – whether that’s a prototype, building out the next phase of your product, finding your first customer or hitting key revenue goals.
Accelerate Your Business – Determine your fundraising strategy and prepare to meet with investors. Learn how to communicate your vision and prepare to meet with investors, partners and other key stakeholders who can help shape your future.
Connections – Thanks to our massive network, startups can build relationships and partnerships that wouldn’t be possible at their stage without Founders Club. Need an intro to a customer? Early access to a new platform feature? Stuck at the border? Our network will provide guidance and support to resolve these questions. Our network is your network.
Demo Day – The program culminates with a celebration at Demo Day! This is your chance to show the world how much progress you’ve made in druing the program.
More Benefits in detail
Expert Feedback/Advice – Unlimited access to “beSUCCESS Media Group Industry Expert Connections”
International Business Development – Unlimited requests of ad-hoc support (e.g. sharing of buyer’s list, connections, etc.)
Digital Marketing (PR) – Unlimited requests of custom-written press pitches and PR campaigns run by our team of PR experts. (Win media coverage and build your brand, Combine SEO and digital PR to grow your business)
Social Gatherings (once a year) where beSUCCESS connections (VCs, Corporates, Governments, Startups, Foundations etc.) meet each other in a private event and network
Access to all exclusive articles of AsiaTechDaily about Investors’ insights and founders’ startup growth experiences.
Upcoming: Founders Club membership will include access to big savings on tools and services that help kick start your business internationally.
Key Offline Schedules
First 6 Months – Focusing on international business growth (Branding, Marketing, Lead generation etc)
Next 6 Months – Focusing on international fund-raising
Dec, 2020 – Invitation only networking party in Seoul
beGLOBAL Founders Club FAQs
Who is beSUCCESS? beSUCCESS is founded by James Jung back in 2010 with a single mission: to offer high quality connections with international investors and partners to local startups and entrepreneurs who were priced out of a broken international expansion industry.
Why are there only long term strategies? International expansion (fund-raising, pr/marketing) is not a quick fix. Therefore, you need long term thinking and planning if you want to see results that last. Take it from us, you can’t make friends with the investors overnight!
Does it cost money to participate in the Founders Club Program? Yes – We charge $10,000 per company to participate for one year, These program fees help to cover basic costs of running the Founders Club Program, paying outside speakers, mentors, various partners and should be viewed like tuition.
What size should my business be before joining in Founders Club? It’s never too early to invest in international expansion (fund-raising, pr/marketing)! In fact, we’ve found that startups’ internaional expansion is easier to mold than more established businesses. Furthermore, if you’re a larger company, we can come in and identify international expansion tactics to take you to the next level.
Are you looking for a particular stage company?  We have no specific stage requirements, but most companies will have assembled a team and developed an initial product. Many have early customers and revenue. We don’t reject companies just for being earlier than that, but we need to see the team has made a real commitment to the company and a clear vision for its future.
What types of companies can apply? Founder Club companies are technology companies, or companies with a significant technology component, since those are the companies we can help the most. We look for companies best able to take full advantage of the Silicon Valley and Seoul opportunity as a starting point to successfully enter the market for their product, service or application. Most Founder Club companies will be software or software-related in some way, and may be either B-to-B or B-to-C-focused. Our interests are as diverse as your ideas: Internet, Mobile, FinTech, SaaS, E-Commerce, Local, Media, Marketing, Ad Tech, Education, Fashion Tech, Real Estate, Logistics and many more.
Will I get investment during this program? We’ve created a network of stellar investors, both angels and VCs. You’ll have a chance to interact with many of these individuals during the program; we’ll connect you to the investors most appropriate for your company. On Demo Day, you get the opportunity to present your company to qualified investors, angels, super-angels and VCs. We can’t guarantee you’ll raise money, of course, but we can tell you that investors who are looking for the most promising new startups in Silicon Valley and Seoul will hear your pitch.

The membership service will be valid for one year. After the registration is successful, we will review it within 7 working days and our team will contact you. (* You can also Book A Call with James directly via here for further questions or send email to “”)

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